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World Automative Conference 2015
November 25 - 26, in Istanbul; Dr. Çulha holds a lecture on "New Business models... [read more]
World Automative Conference 2014
November 5-6, in Istanbul; Dr. Çulha holds a lecture on "R&D Management - A Comparat... [read more]
R&D Management Conference 2014
June 3-6, R&D Management Conference, in Stuttgart, meet us on site!      
Embedded World 2014
February 25-27, Exhibition and Conference: Embedded World 2014, in Nuremberg, meet us on site!
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German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation
23 January,celebratory opening event for German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovat... [read more]
Workshop Micro and Nanotechnologies for Automotive Suppliers
October 24, Workshop: Micro and Nanotechnologies for Automotive Suppliers, in Stuttgart, meet us on ... [read more]
Commercial Vehicles Turkey 2013
June 26-27, Commercial Vehicles Turkey Conference in Istanbul, with "Global OEM R&D Network... [read more]
OTEKON 2012 Automotive Technologies Conference July 4 to 5 in Bursa Organizer: Uludag University, me... [read more]
Dynamics 2012
April 6-7, International Project Management congress in Istanbul, meet us on site!... [read more]
Istanbul Automotive Engineering Conference
Istanbul Automotive Engineering Conference December 13 to 14, HILTON Istanbul Energy Efficient and I... [read more]