Our values

  • We want to simplify.
    Products continually become more complex. The  developers stay the same. We are convinced that their methods, processes and systems need to adapt, but do not have to become more complex. To this effect, we dare to question everything.
  • We are not stuck on a certain set of methods and approaches.
    We do not flash with the latest trends and tag words. We want to understand your company and find out what is best for your specific situation and requirements.
  • We stay with our clients until the implementation runs smoothly.
    We want to be present during the operational phase of your projects and make sure that our consulting services deliver lasting and improved results for your company. We want to be a long-term partner you can rely on.
World Automative Conference 2015
November 25 - 26, in Istanbul; Dr. Çulha holds a lecture on "New Business models... [read more]
World Automative Conference 2014
November 5-6, in Istanbul; Dr. Çulha holds a lecture on "R&D Management - A Comparat... [read more]
R&D Management Conference 2014
June 3-6, R&D Management Conference, in Stuttgart, meet us on site!      
Embedded World 2014
February 25-27, Exhibition and Conference: Embedded World 2014, in Nuremberg, meet us on site!
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German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation
23 January,celebratory opening event for German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovat... [read more]
Workshop Micro and Nanotechnologies for Automotive Suppliers
October 24, Workshop: Micro and Nanotechnologies for Automotive Suppliers, in Stuttgart, meet us on ... [read more]
Commercial Vehicles Turkey 2013
June 26-27, Commercial Vehicles Turkey Conference in Istanbul, with "Global OEM R&D Network... [read more]
OTEKON 2012 Automotive Technologies Conference July 4 to 5 in Bursa Organizer: Uludag University, me... [read more]
Dynamics 2012
April 6-7, International Project Management congress in Istanbul, meet us on site!... [read more]
Istanbul Automotive Engineering Conference
Istanbul Automotive Engineering Conference December 13 to 14, HILTON Istanbul Energy Efficient and I... [read more]